B – ratio

I’ve somewhat shy’d away from strategy posts in the past because I don’t have any poker friends. This means that I have no one to bounce my theories off of, and since I’m never well received on forums, I really have been forced to develop my own poker maths. In light of this, there is a caution here that I am mistaken, HOWEVER, there is a greater caution that I am correct (that if trolls are allowed to troll then we might not realize it).

So I will be quick simple and direct as possible, but I need to start with saying that I think this is one of the biggest leaks in the community. And that all these books that talk about shoving and m factors or what ever factors, have either lied to the players or simple become outdated. Many playera will claim to understand this already, but clearly ‘many’ players actually do not. And so you must truly check their knowledge when they say they do.

I wrote a program (app), for nash shove charts in such a way that would perfectly teach the concept to willing players, however at this time I cannot post it, yet I certainly wish to give it out for free. But its not so important as just having a few credible players confirm this truth.

The best (most +ev) poker lines can be thought of as an unsculpted piece of clay, in which inside lies the hidden gem, which is that which we wish to create. It matters not that we can describe the size and shape of the unsculpted entity since we can use other nashian mechanics to ‘bend’ it into any form anyways. We must then see that poker is a game of shedding the wrong lines to reveal the perfectly correct ones, and that we can also shed perfectly correctly lines and ruin the most perfect work of art we mean to achieve.

This is important to understand because I wish to give the community (and really its the unfortunate players that have been lied to I am referring to), an new tool that is more specialized than your current one. I don’t want to name it after myself, but its always helpful to have a single reference for it. So we will call in the B-ratio, in light of batman (who is awesome), and denote it the symbol < ^ ^ > .

Most players will not understand the significance, yet the best players will detest its creation, because it is a tool for the masses and not for them.

The b-ratio is the contributed antes in the pot, divided by the bb.

Its a very special number because it allows you to cut out certain trees of the nash equilibrium shove charts and therefore to create a smaller set of shove charts that covers a wider range of decisions.

Its ALSO important because it helps you make more accurate decisions, than bbs shove charts or m ratio shove charts!

Don’t tell me that your charts already account for antes (other there is possibly a few people who’s charts do), as a community we are not counting the antes properly in discussion.

Its NOT enough to have charts for different antes levels, your charts MUST reflect how many players at the table contributed. Let me give you an example of an illegal question:

Folds to hero in cut off 10bbs eff with antes 500/50, whats the nash range?

WRONG, how many players contributed to the antes!!!

Where do we think edge comes from?


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