Generalizing Satoshi’s Pdf for the application of decentralized poker

We generally seem to believe blockchain technology isn’t fast enough to play poker on, but there are 2 things to keep in mind:

1) decentralized poker NEEDS a blockchain to work
2) a poker block chain in fact WILL work for decentralized poker

A hidden sort of formula from the bitcoin.pdf is the speed of a blockchain (in the context of transaction consensus) is very related to the security need for the whole system. Since bitcoin carries so much value, their is great security needed.

This is what is so special about bitcoin in the context of decentralized poker. All of the value is stored and left on the bitcoin bock chain, which means the poker block chain carries little value. And so the security needed to protect from attacks is quite insignificant compared to bitcoin (although perhaps not negligible).

An attack can change an action or perhaps a hand, or at most a game (always and only until the bitcoin transaction is paid out), and so there is only need to incentivize trusted nodes enough to want to hold up an honest poker economy vs rigging a single bitcoin transaction (buy-in) through manipulating a poker hand or game and thus destroying the integrity of the whole poker ecosystem.

By paying ‘gamblers’ in a newly created poker coin (in the same fashion bitcoins are created) gamblers of any online casino fashion (and in the future irl when digital coins are accepted everywhere) can run a node and receive casino credits in return for running honest nodes.

Players can also give “tips” in the same way bitcoin transactions can have “fees”.

It might not even be needed so much but it might be interesting to see whether its even possible to out “mine” the group of individuals in this world with pure “gambling problems” with an attacking pool.

These gamblaholics as society might have termed them, will now be spending previously untapped computing power in return for casino tokens, which can alleviate irl money problems for gamblers and tokens gained can always be essential free for them in that regard. But they CAN hold a real value, especially for online purchasing (or browsing), which again might be another addiction problem IF it were using irl monies.

Think of a worker that works 4 days on, and then spends all their earned money for 3 days off at the casino, every week. Now they can work 4 days at work, mining for the poker economy for all those days, and this time on their 3 days off they spend only coins accrued from the 4 days while they were at work.

If individual mining is not yet user friendly enough, the casino’s can also themselves be miners or mining pools, and raked monies from them, if any at all other than coins generated, can be tied into local or global welfare systems in order to spread value directly and exactly where it is needed in our society.


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