The “Achilles’ heel” of the Centralized Poker Industry

After careful examination of the logic and maths esoterically outlined in the lecture “Ideal Money” it has become obvious the poker community has a solution to the monopolistic state the current poker economy faces today.

The thesis of “Ideal Money” is that if the peoples of this world could have a universal currency with a stable printing supply, and users could freely use this currency to trade in and out of their own respective national currencies, then they could put pressure on their central banking authorities to print and maintain a currency of stable and good quality. This concept is referred to as “Asymptotically” ideal money, and it is a phenomenon we are experiencing today because of “bitcoin”.

In relation to poker, the players have a corresponding solution, since poker sites effectively operate on the same type of Keynesian/central banking model:

Players simply need to collectively demand that their rakeback points be paid out as a digital currency (or assets), so that it may be freely traded on a digital asset exchange.

The concept is simple, once rakeback points can be traded on a free market exchange then the players can PROPERLY valuate the effective rake on a given site.  This too will lead to pressure for sites to print “chips” of stable or high value in relation to the effective rake.

It’s going to seem like a strange solution, however it is a perfectly effective one and also one that would be incredibly easy for sites to implement REQUIRING NO EXTRA SOFTWARE. It matters not which sites participate but only rather that the players begin to collectively understand the solution, since the pressure created will inevitably lead to its adoption.

If sites take the line of adjustment where they simply end rakeback points altogether this should be seen as favorable for the players, because if the sites don’t show evidence of an overall reduction in “effectively raked” profits while simultaneously ending the rakeback program, it can then be seen as ,and proved to be, simply stealing from the players.

It is this lack of evidence the players have always suffered from that they now have a tangible option as a solution to rally behind.

Enacting this simple change will set in place the foundation and infrastructure for decentralized poker through:
Creating Assets as Single Unique Identifiers
Establishing a Poker Forum Coin

Ultimately leading to Ideal Poker


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