Money 2.0

In the near future money changes instantaneously into whatever type you need it to be with little or no fee for transformations or transactions. Money is not passed on or exchanged in the traditional sense but instead the ownership of the coins changes like that of a property title. These property titles can represent physical things like gold or goods or they can represent shares of a business or a system. Money can still float up and down in value depending on what you transform it into, or what you own as a property title holder. The liquidity of the currencies and one’s ability to exchange or transform with such ease creates incentive for cooperation and decentralization whether the technology is seen or used as a “coin” or as share in a stock. Your choice of stock truly becomes your vote in the company or currency you choose to hold or exchange for.

What we are seeing then is a Money 2.0. A type of currency that isn’t a static thing any more like a dot on a graph but rather has become some form of a linear equation in a certain sense. Money can be any sort of currency we need it to represent at a given time. With a free market and immediate mentally free automated exchanges and with respect to the people and systems that each currency represents, there is to be a great evolution in the currency race.

What we have just seen released by “Satoshi Nakamoto” in 2009, was the big bang of a new universe of economy, and we are now watching and experiencing in real time, an explosion in evolution towards what will become more and more ideal money.  This should be interesting to the general reader because since the times when the “western” part of the global economy began to shift from a gold to a paper standard of currency we have had a bad kind money which has caused us to grow accustomed to sick and weak economic conditions.


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