Ideal Rake: “How do `raked poker’ and `rakeless poker’ differ”

… various interest and groups, notably including PSFTFBICIADOJ has sold to the players a “quasi-doctrine” which teaches, in effect, that “less is more” or that (in other words) “raked poker is better than not raked poker”.

Do we not see the truth of this now? That we cannot deny so many of the different types of players in this game are arguing that raked poker is what is best for the game. I wish to dispel this myth with Nashian economics in order that the global community may better understand the problem , and therefore the solution to it.

There is a simple way to defeat the nonsensical argument that some players seem to have that rakeless poker would cannibalize the recreational player’s deposits at the most rapid rate.  We can put this to rest and urge us all to understand this because this myth is part of the foundation of hidden “axioms” that are destroying the game.

The counter-argument is this and please pass it along:

If raked poker is better than not raked poker, for the players benefit, than why not raise the rake to 50%? 75%? or 100%?  In fact one might argue then that 200% rake is Ideal (this would seemingly have us inflating our fiat for play chips).  There are those that might still argue further that it is not fair we take their arguments to the extreme, as they did not mean to suggest this..  And now I think we formulate an interesting question then (since we can assume no rationale person can argue 100% or more rake could possibly be Ideal for sustainability)., what then might be an Ideal rake?  If 100% is not the argument, yet zero rake cannot be ideal than what is it we are looking for?  

I hope we understand the question.  It is not for you to answer at a whim, but rather it is for us as players to collectively think about our strategy.  If we can take a moment to ponder these questions together, and strive to solve them with no bias but pure science, economics, and math…we have a chance at great gain.

So here are some helpful questions, that are meant more for collective inquiry rather than individual gain:


What is the optimal strategy for sites?  What is the optimal strategy for the players? Perhaps we can use optimal in the ideal sense AND in the GTO sense and think of it creatively and answer it creatively yet collectively and with no bias.




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