Global Player Pool Vs Monopoly and Regulatory Controls: HU4Rollz

Some interesting posts from around the poker community today the 5th of November

Seemingly useful, but the author hasn’t fully read these links on the exchange rate changes:

First They Came

Will the pro poker players be akin to the farmers who were hit on all sides, their margins squeezed so excruciatingly tightly that many were put out of business? Will the distinct lack of innovation and vision from the likes of Party, 888 and iPoker limit the poker player to a false choice between Tilt, Stars and French Stars? Even if one of them gets their act together, isn’t it likely that they too will be bought by Amaya?

The mods of twoplustwo forum would like to make the players aware of a few key points:

Firstly there are a TON of threads going on about how the players are not happy with the recent changes:

Secondly and equally as important the mods are getting tired with all of the players responses and requests for fairness, sustainability, and profitability:

The OP here has an idea for another type of union or organization of the players:

Guys! If we want AmayaStars to at least take back their recent changes in rake increase and other fees we need a far more higher grade of organization.

I think we need a strike committee!!!

This committee shall forge the different proposals from the community into a powerful strategy and communicate it on all channels anonymously to the outside world.

Since I think such a committee should be anonymous it raises the question of how to come to a committee, that has a quality board and is accepted by lots of the players.

Thats what I propose:

We the community should ask a trusted, intelligent, respected member of this forum, to resemble an anonymous strike committee, which coordinates further actions in the public space. The person who is asked to do it, shall however in no circumstances be part of the committee!!!

*** the author of this blog (not this quote) would like to suggest the players strike committee should include the ladies and the lgbt players as well!

If you have other ideas about the board population etc. please speak out!!!

(The author does and will write about this soon and link some ideas here in the above article. Update Union Ideas, Nas Coin)

Another great article shedding light on one of the well known seemingly well respected posters Raidalot.  The article outlines some key material and knowledge brought to the players table:

When you have become one of the most successful Hedge Fund managers in the world, then it’s safe to say that you know a thing or two about the way that great businesses tick.

The conclusion with some remarks from Raidalot:

But if people do feel like they are being disadvantaged and they want to fight back, Shakerchi has a few suggestions.

“I posted some suggestions, on 2+2, for how players can fight back because I feel PokerStars are being very greedy and unfair. PokerStars have shown its hand and we now know clearly what their motivations are – despite their PR bluffs.

“Given that, the only way to see a sustainably better deal for players again is for another site to gain enough market share that PokerStars is forced to compete for customers again.

“That will only happen in one of three ways as far as I can see: (1) PS is excluded from the US when it opens up, (2) The anti-trust authorities step in, or (3) players switch a decent chunk of their business to one of the other sites (and a strong signal from one of those sites that they want to step up would help focus such a shift).”


What a turnaround.

It seems like only yesterday that the world was praying to the Poker Gods to pave a legislatory thoroughfare for PokerStars to return to US soil. Are we going to be facing a situation where players no longer want them there?

It seems like the players revolution foretold in Ideal Poker indeed has begun.  GL all!!! #IdealPoker


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