Naz Coin

As Nas-An ancient Persian game that some say is an ancestor of poker.

The author proposes a new kinda of coin, possibly not previously conceivable  by the collective consciousnesses of the players community. We call this coin “Nas Coin”, pronounced “Naj” coin, not to hide the fact that it is possibly a tribute to both the origins of the game and a great master of the game theory behind it. But perhaps the slight variation “Naj” will remain  interesting and slightly humble.

The 2 keys technological advances that make this solution newly available the players need to implement are:

1) The monetary supply of the coin can be locked for the entire expected duration of its use and usefulness
2) The coin is tradable on a digital free market exchange such as: counterparty

The coin is described in greater detail in articles below:
Poker Forum Coin
Single Unique Identifiers
Facilitating a players Union
Dissolving a Monopoly
Asymptotically Ideal Poker
The Intrinsic Value of Nas Coin

The parameters aren’t as important although the author has a few ideas, mostly much like the monetary supply of bitcoin (more info here).  What is needed then is a few trusted, trust-able, and prominent industry professionals and leaders to step forward to implement and speak out to the  players about the adoption of such a coin.  Then this digital asset can be created and locked in as a coin on an exchange as quick as setting up an email, and the “coins” can be transferred as quick as sending one.

The coin might only serve to function to educate players on crypto currency technology, yet this might be enough to bring great change to the community.  It might be then that in the future “Nas Coin” doesn’t retain a significant economic value in relation to other coins, interestingly though, there might be the possibility it becomes a scarce collectable.

Nas Coin would facilitate the creation of pokers version of the Kula Ring, eventually creating an asymptotic slide towards Ideal Poker.

Nas Coin is the esoteric key to “Ideal Poker” and “Asymptotically Ideal Poker”.


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