A Relevant History of Mental Poker
A Relevant Overview of Mental Poker Implementations
Extending the Philosophy of Lightning Channels to Mental/P2P Poker
Solving Implementation Problems of Mental Poker via Lightning Channels
A Possible Solution to Habitual Renegers
A Possible Mental Poker Implementation Rough Thoughts
Two Possibly Useful Thoughts for the Implementation of Mental Poker

Here we can return to the understanding that money has the practical value of creating games for traders.  These are games with transferable utility, but if the money were not available, the game of the traders would be a game without transferable utility and thus naturally a game with less efficiency with regards ot the possibilities for the participants to maximize their combined gains.~Ideal Money

A General Summary for John Nash’s Proposal: Ideal Money

How John Nash Solved the Impossible Trinity
The Totality of the Proposal: Ideal Money
“The Special Commodity or Medium We Call Money…”
Ideal Money and Its’ Relation to Bitcoin
Hayek’s Incredible Machine
The (Relevant) History of Money and Economics
How to ‘Complete a Kula Ring’
How the Pyramids WEREN’T Built 
Futures the Markets Can’t Foresee
The Search for a Sound Basis for Money
Bridging Game Theory With The Euro/Greece Crisis
Problems with Implementing Bitcoin as a Solution to the Greece Crisis: How do Currencies Arise and/or Become Adopted
How to Effectively Solve Unsolvable Problems

Effectively Solving Collusion
What does “Ju-Jitsu” mean?

“Nash, Szabo, Smith teach us economics is the study of natural evolution in relation to the unfolding of our cosmos and our existence within it…”

The Future Model For Poker Sites
Decentralized Server-less Poker

Letting Habitual Depositors Own the Poker Network
The Levation of “Ideal Money”
Perhaps ‘Stability and Consensus’ is “Ideal”?
Bitcoin and Coffee

The History of Money and Playing Cards in “Canada”
HU vs Sauce
EZ Pass, Roads, Decisions, Game Theory, and Money
Money and Mental Illness
There is No Such Thing as a Bluff in Poker
The Credible Bluff
RE: Coaching
On the Future of Language
Note (Wholeness and Language)
Twoplustwo Player’s Forum and Sanity Re: Pokersites under attack?
Gresham’s Law, and Honest, Stable, Good Money

Featured: From Colonial Lotteries to Satoshi Dice: The 4th and 5th Wave of Gambling is Upon Us

“In a free society nobody can become a monopolist or a dictator the system itself, the free market will destroy you.
…Nobody in a free society, now we are talking about a free market, in which the government doesn’t interfere, nobody can become a monopolist.  All monopolies are created by a special privilege for government.” ~Ayn Rand
the wealth of chips wordle

***Note: To the Players of 2 + 2 Community***

Rise of the Bots: Comments on “Pokereum: An Efficient Smart Contract Dependent Decentralized Poker Platform”
Shinichi and the Dimensional Paradox
Did Adam Smith Need “Re-Vision”?
Multiple Cryptographers Interested in Ideal Money and Baskets of Commodities
On Adding Antes to Existing Fields/Structures
An Inquiry into Gambling Addiction
Example/Case Study of Smart Contracts: Playshares
Greece and 7 reform proposals (letter to Euro Group): Highlighting the Significance and Relevance of iGaming and iPoker
Another Possible (Fundamental) Formalization of “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations”

4th wave gambling wordle

The Two Most Important Threads On Two Plus Two are Locked!!!
PokerStars/2+2 Meeting Oct 15-17 2014:  A Thread Every 2 + 2er Should Read



Welcome to The Wealth Of Chips: Introduction
The Coming Poker Revolution
What is “Ideal Poker”? What is “Asymptotically Ideal Poker?”
Notes/explanation of Ideal Poker and Asymptotically Ideal Poker

Ideal Poker

ideal poker wordle

Ideal Poker
Ideal Rake: “How do `raked poker’ and `rakeless poker’ differ”
Esoteric Notes: Ideal Rake
EV as a “utility”: the Global Rake Standard
Example/explanation of Ideal Poker
The Problem of Measuring Effective Rake

Asymptotically Ideal Poker

naj coin wordle

Asymptotically Ideal Poker
The “Achilles’ heel” of the Centralized Poker Industry
Poker Forum Coin
Naz Coin
The Intrinsic Value of “Effective Rake”Coin
Creating Assets as Single Unique Identifiers for Decentralized Poker
Poker Chips 2.0: Digital Assets

Decentralized Poker

decentralized poker

Strike Committee: A Players Union
Decentralized Autonomous Poker
Poker as a micro kernal DAO
Quick Note on Collusion and Third Party Trust
Mental poker protocol, rough sketch outline
Decentralized Mental Poker
Maintaining the BitFrog Network: Free market and Negative Rake
A rough example of the value of “smart contracts” and the value of bitcoin as an investment option in relation to poker
Generalizing Satoshi’s Pdf for the application of decentralized poker
Poker’s decentralized protocol (solution to poker’s Byzantine general problem)
The Missing Link to Decentralized Poker (RIO’s inherited issue)
On the Hidden Value of Decentralized Poker
Why a Decentralized Poker Bankroll is More Stable Than Keeping Your Money on any Centralized Site, on any Island, or in any Type of Fiat Currency.


Though the principles of the banking trade may appear somewhat abstruse, the practice is capable of being reduced to strict rules. To depart upon any occasion from these rules, in consequence of some flattering speculation of extraordinary gain, is almost always extremely dangerous, and frequently fatal to the banking company which attempts it.
Chapter I, Part III, p. 820. ~Adam Smith TWON

poker wordle

A Brief History of Poker
Moral Poker
Cooperative Poker: a Moral Extension
Case study: Staking Dispute
Meta Game and Mixing Strategies
Game Theory Exercise: Sitting out to Protest, “What is Optimal?”
Global Player Pool Vs Monopoly and Regulatory Controls: HU4Rollz
Josem, the Players are Not Happy with Thee
Red Wednesday: Remember, Remember; the 5th of November
Pokers’ Problem, and its Solution
Don’t ever say to me “Don’t tap on the glass”
What collusion REALLY is and so what its solution REALLY is
Poker’s staking foundation
Poker players constitution
B – ratio
Why Mt Gox Scandal is Comparable to Online Poker’s Black Frida
Poker Journalism and Creative Education
The Importance of Poker and the Freedom to Gamble in Society
Overview of history of Gambling in the US 
Did Poker Stars and Isai Know of the Coming Crypto Revolution?
Observations on 180 Man Turbo MTTSNG Variance: Comparing 2013 with 2014 Leaderboards
Poker Refugees is The Future of Poker
Bitnplay: The Beginning of the Asymptotic Decline of the Centralized Poker Site Model
The Psychology of a “Poker Player”
The Global State of Online Poker: Why Taxation and Regulation of Poker Sites is Not Feasible and Poker as an E-currency Network
The Importance of Relating Online Poker to an E-currency Network and Hidden Factor of Effective Rake


DNegs rebuttal via Me
‘Dnegs’ Rebuttal
Michael Josem Rebuttal vs (Alleged) “Rationale” Behind PS changes via John Nash lecture and Ideal Poker
Customer Management: Poker Stars Rebuttal of Eric Hollresier (via Ideal Poker)
Re: Mason Malmuth on PokerStars Effective Rake and the Overall Poker Economy
Phil Galfond: consider “Ideal Poker”
Do Players Have a Right to Reasonable or Decreased Rake?-”The Players Right to Play Cooperative Poker”

Ideal Money

ideal money wordle

What is “Ideal Money?”
How Bitcoin Is and Isn’t Ideal Money
An Interesting Biography, an Interesting Blog, and an Interesting Lecture on ‘Ideal’ Money
Satoshi’s Choice: Decoding Bitcoin’s Money Supply


To the Canadian senate committee for the regulation considerations of digital currency, and in specific regards to discussion and question period with Andreas Antonopoulos
Money 2.0
The Next Wave of “Enlightenment”
US Congressional Research Service on Bitcoin rebuttal via John Nash’s lecture Ideal Money


Forum 2.0
Nick Szabo Blog


Definition: Effective Rake
Definition: Ideal Poker

Future Research

future wordle

The Evolution and Purpose of the 52 Card Deck
The Effective Skilled Game Generator: Why Poker is Fun to Lose
The Future of Poker, Games, Game Theory, Rng Objects, and Other “Subjects”
The Generalization of a “Deck of Cards” (and in Relation to “Relatable” Games)
The Deconstruction of the History of Playing Cards
The Heart of AI: Minimum Dialog Protocols for Establishing Duck Duck Goose
Why Bots and Solving Poker Won’t Kill the Game
The (Best) Effective Random Number Generator

rabbithole wordle

Rabbit Hole

“…Shinichi Mochizuki uses inter-universal philosophy to extend our understanding of mathematics.”


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