Do Players Have a Right to Reasonable or Decreased Rake?-“The Players Right to Play Cooperative Poker”

Take a look at what brain dead thinking looks like:

It is a wrong question or topic to discuss whether or not players have a “right” to a rake standard. This is not at all important and completely dismissive of obvious logic. In the quest for Ideal Poker, nobody is asserting a “right” for decreased rake, but rather the players are waking up to the force of their collective will.

Laughing in the face of this is not intelligent but simply a symptom of a player with poor game theory skills or knowledge.

What is more important to point out is that is in FACT within the players collective rights to pool together and adopt a cooperative strategy against the status quo.

We call this “The players right to play cooperative poker”, and it is part of the unenumerated rights our Poker Player’s Constitution.


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