On Extra-Terrestrial Views and Gambling

We of Terra could be taught how to have ideal monetary systems if wise and benevolent extraterrestrials were to take us in hand and administer our national money systems~Ideal Money

It’s almost, or should be, and history has been shown to be, a right for us as a civilization or individuals to look at certain problems (especially socially) in relation to the cosmos and other planets. In the past mankind may not have had this right or believed in such a perspective. If we think of poker and gambling, for example, in relation to other planets and civilizations we might ask what relation should poker have to the morality of a society. Or in other words what would it mean for some planets to have favorable opinions on gambling and other planets to have negative and therefore oppressive outlooks on gambling and “game theory”.

It is already known game theory has had a dramatic impact on our understanding of politics, economics, and quantum physics.

Does poor game theory lead to poor government structures? Or do poor regulations and laws lead to poor game theorists? Does it matter?

Nonetheless it seems in the past that significant and game changing peoples spent time thinking outside current paradigms and accepted perspectives, while society spent its’ time ridiculing and ostracizing those persons. Sometimes its helpful to think beyond the planet, or solar system, or beyond…

Some people are seemingly capable of thinking beyond universes:



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