Poker Refugees is The Future of Poker

We did the work so you don’t have to. Focus on grinding, betting on sports, relaxing, spending time with your friends and family or things you want to do instead of spending valuable time and money figuring out a new country and new paradigm on your own. We make the relocation process easy and enjoyable for poker players and sports bettors, and have a combined 4 decades of experience living abroad.~Poker Refugees

The previous blog post From Colonial Lotteries to Satoshi Dice serves as a general overview or thesis for the entirety of the Wealth of Chips.  The basic point of the paper is to show that the inevitable future of poker and gambling in general will be (and always was) to facilitate the expansion of mankind through its various ventures on the planet (and even beyond).  By helping to fund and attract entrepreneurial type persons to the frontiers of such expansion poker and gambling helps bring an exponential efficiency to society by forging the path for more efficient transactions and modes of transportation.

Poker Refugees stands to facilitate exactly this movement by acting as a “hub” in the industry which facilitates the transportation of players around the world. This reduces not only the direct cost for players but also many large mental transactions the player might incur (ie searching for optimal housing, complying with regulations, paperwork, travel advice etc.).  This efficiency created in the industry stands to bring the type of exponential gain outlined by Nick Szabo in his essay Transportation, divergence, and the industrial revolution.

Couple this with the concept of a decentralized Id system called a Nakamoto Consencus ID. Players also incur a hidden cost of securely identifying themselves through the industry, and citizens of the world also incur the same hidden cost. By working together with other factions of the industry ID systems could drastically change, again saving an exponential value in transaction costs as well as facilitating a more secure yet more private ID system.

Poker Refugees may not realize it yet, but they are the most well positioned business in the industry today, they have potential for exponential growth that could literally, in the future, take players too the moon!

Note: the author is not affiliated with Poker Refugees in any way, but will point out has heard nothing but good things and had nothing but friendly dealings with the staff.


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