Why Seals with Clubs (and Other Emerging Sites) Should Invest in Bitnplay Tokens

A few articles on BitnPlay‘s token auction to catch the reader up:

Why might Seals With Clubs support a potential future rival?

1) It shows the players SWC believes that poker will in fact be a thriving industry in the near future.
2) It would be a media/news shock to the industry that such a strange business strategy could occur. For ~600USD (or exactly 2BTC) SWC would likely get free advertising across many poker and crypto related media sites, as well as much publicity and discussion on poker and crypto related forums.
3) Attracting attention to crypto is good for all crypto poker sites.
4) It shows an act of good faith, by saying SWC wishes the new venture good luck.
5) It might be the beginning of a coalition needed to bring down the status quo.
6) In the future SWC might be able to to work in tandem with BitNPlay’s ID token system thus providing a much needed solution for privacy/security concerns the players might have.
7) Its a smart +ev investment 🙂

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