The future of Poker, Games, Game Theory, Rng Objects, and Other “Subjects”

This writing is a quick extension of the possible ramifications of future possible findings related to future study and analysis of The Evolution and Purpose of the 52 Card Deck.  For some time now mankind has had a fairly close rendition of the 52 card playing deck, and has turned specifically to poker and its variants to carry the title of the most prominent and significant effectively skilled game (it might be that the difficultly of solving such a sufficiently large deck has stabilized its’ uses for the last 100 or so years). If poker in the near future might help lead mankind out of economic stagnation and inefficiency what role might future variations or equivalents play?  If for example poker and its’ current variants were solved what new games might evolve? With such rapid and amazing technological advances it is not inconceivable that all 52 card poker variants (or game variants) might be solved in an effective or reasonable fashion.  What kind of deck then might arise that is effectively not solvable and might facilitate then effectively unsolvable games?

In this we might see a perspective that games themselves are very comparable to the race for prime numbers and solutions to them.  Bitcoin for example is based on our inability to produce sufficiently large prime numbers at will and it is this particular inability that creates a utility that drives our new financial system.

Games perhaps too might be seen as such an intrinsic driving force towards intelligence and ultimately efficiency (leading to cooperation). Bitcoin is often perceived as e-gold, which arises the interesting possibility and comparison to its periodic equivalent and then the natural question arises as to the possibility of other such “e-elements”. Ethereum might be one such “e-element”.  The future of effectively skilled games especially beyond poker and likely beyond a 52 card deck may in fact reveal another such “e-element”.  Furthermore we might look for more such elements from advances in other fields.

As it will no doubt be helpful in solving a 52 card deck to look at higher level variations of decks and games, it might be helpful to understand the e-periodic table of elements in order to understand our current “physical” realm table.


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