The Psychology of a “Poker Player”

A seemingly significant and relevant point to make on the psychology of a poker player. First let’s examine this post:

the changes stars made to my targeted game made it basically unbeatable. due to the fact that stars were losing business they reversed there decision. some people have taken that as we can now push for everything and they will always cave.
as someone who has been the victim of a few abusive exploitative relationships i can tell you stars sending that message would not be a good move.
if we decided now that we got our way to throw a tantrum for everything and stars listened then people would keep doing it until stars were pushed to the brink anyone with social skills and basic understanding/ life experience would grasp this, or in my case someone with no social skills so did not grasp this and learned the painful hard way.

Is this logical or emotional based reasoning? The players recently created a movement protesting unfair changes in the effective rake on PS, and eventually (as “foretold” on the Wealth of Chips) PS (apparently) caved or came to their sense and reverted the changes. We should reiterate, as often explained in the relevant writings on and around this blog, that since Black Friday poker has in fact been unfairly over raked. So not only were the initial changes unnecessary and completely unfair, but the poker environment had already suffered dramatically since the poker booms that started the popularity of the online sport in the first place.

So then what is the deal with some players coming into the community to fight other players vs demanding even further favorable changes that might at least revert the game back to a more profitable and sustainable form? The author would like to suggest it is exactly what this poster alludes to-repeated abuse of a certain form.

One of the things we learn from Ideal Money and the bitcoin phenomenon is the overall psychological, social, and institutional effect an unstable currency system has. In this perspective it is quite sad to think about all of the major issues and suffering peoples and populations have had over the history of mankind, that are completely explainable as resulting weak economic conditions (or lack of a completed Kula Ring, meaning an influx of STABLE value).

Without this understanding and realization it is seemingly our natural tendency to write or create a story that justifies and explains whatever is the root cause of such confusing and unfavorable conditions we face. This is very akin to the poster above, that doesn’t want to rock the boat so to speak as if it is some miracle that the rake changes were reverted, and that if the players don’t continue (or stop) certain types of “rain dances” that they might in fact upset the sleeping giant.

This is seemingly not different than sacrificing a certain virgin into the fiery depths of a volcano so that the next seasons for crops are plenty and bountiful. Society is wrought with these ills and myths of what is the root cause of things and therefore what is the cure.

In this instance the author would like to suggest this poster is in fact completely wrong, and that the players should continue to form such coalitions and continue to demand lower effective rake. It is not because lower rake is the players right, but instead it is the players right to coalesce and demand lower effective rake. Not only is it a right it is simply a good strategy…and so what we point out is the poster above is not strong in game theory, not strong at poker, and suffers from the mental abuse of it much like a degenerate gambler that beats their head trying to figure out why their Aces always get cracked (hint: effective rake is too high).


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