The (Best) Effective Random Number Generator

The authors’ proposed solution to the implementation of “mental poker” (see Ideal Poker) has an interesting ramification.  Since each player at an ideal game of poker is responsible for their own random input, and since each player has incentive for the truest random input, and each player will in fact strive for this (because of Ideal Poker), then the output (the outcome of the deal) effectively must become an ultra secure and random, random number.

That is the “total” of the players’ inputs, provided they are self serving and intelligent (see ideal poker) must then be at least or more random than each individual input.

Since ultimately it will be the entire population of intelligent and well payed game theorist professionals that protect the integrity of this “machine”, there cannot exist to humans’ knowledge a more effective random number, since such a “rarity” would then be used as a generator for the inputs.

This creates an EFFECTIVELY random number that should be sufficiently random will all known laws of the universe cosmos still hold. If another civilization happens to produce a more random number, again we might then incorporate it into the inputs of the “mental poker” implementation, which is seemingly what will happen.


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