The Heart of AI: Minimum Dialogue Protocols for Establishing Duck Duck Goose

Thinking about a group of random strangers, perhaps even from different planets and possibly somehow with an inability to do damage to each other (yes this idea comes from a video game!), one might consider the minimum protocols or language level in order to establish a simple game such as Duck Duck Goose.  How many players are needed to create a tipping point until all other catch on?  Must their be a certain payoff that all players recognize and how big must that pay off be?

Also thinking of the “protocols” laid out in On Dialogue is there a most helpful or “open” mindset that “villains” might have in order to facilitate hero’s establishment attempts? Putting together these thoughts and many of the understandings that extend from Ideal Poker, the author suggests it is exactly these connections, and this line of thinking that outlines our inability to efficiently resolve conflict situations to peace.

If all this is understandable, then the solutions extended in this direction should lay the final groundwork (ie the “heart) for AI, since the real problem is about a machines’ ability to resolve a situation (conflict) into a solvable format by first resolving the situation to a game. Resolving a situation into a solvable game then would be the first step towards choose a strategy line in relation to the conflict such a machine might face.

The generalization of games then would also play an important role.


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