Why Bots and Solving Poker Won’t Kill the Game

Recent announcements about the brute force solving of LHUHE no doubt raise more concerns about the future of poker.  Does a solved game end a professionals’ ability to profit?  Will super bots destroy the integrity of the game for everyone?  The author thinks not and in fact quite the opposite.  Bots can be used for important purpose for things such as collusion detection, other types of cheating detection, RNG fairness confirmation etc.  Bots could be programmed to be sub par in order to mimic different levels of player’s thus keeping at least some lower level of skill in the game.  Secret bots might be released into a field in order to keep players on their toes about cheaters and bots, where as these “secret bots” could have bounties paid out to any players that definitively discover’s one.

Certainly there are more favorable implementations of bots to be thought of and discovered, but for now we should understand that fearing robots is just fearing what we don’t understand, not different than fearing a certain tense movement at a final table.  In the near future we should expect to play along side with many different types of bots and we should expect many solutions for different variants of games and poker to arise.

Our real concern should be about the biggest leaks the players have namely security costs, third party trust costs, and essentially effective rake.


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