Poker’s Kula Ring Problem

The ramifications of the proposed solution to the Kula Ring theory may have even more profound effects on our understanding of the history and future or mankind than we realize. We might compare the author’s extension of Nick Szabo’s conjecture to today’s poker economy and see that poker players are on the verge of completing their own Kula Ring by the way of Naj Coin.  This has no doubt caused a war as Poker Stars fights for its last breath of survival.  But what is interesting then is who is the benefactor?  Or in other words who is extorting the players of the game whilst stalling the completion of poker’s kula ring.  Who is receiving the “Pandas”. The answer seems obvious to the author: twoplustwoforum.

For sometime now twoplutwoforum has been the main benefitor from the many different parties in the industry fighting to either complete or not complete Poker’s Kula ring.  So far the equilibrium has no doubt brought great wealth to the owners and admin of the forum through “gifts” meant to sway twoplustwoforum’s social structure in different favorable directions by the givers.

Then we should expect to see an interesting phenomenon in the future as the expectation of completing the Kula Ring begins to equal the benefits from not completing it. Or in other words, as the status quo centralized ‘rake the player’ poker site models begin to pay less revenue for ad space and give less “perks” to the owners and admins of the player’s global community, we might see a dramatic shift in the social structure of that said community.  This of course is coupled with the rising crypto-poker sites that themselves are gaining more and more economic power and so they too can help the process along with “gifts”.

And so we should recognize right now that the recent war that was started between the players the largest poker site was the beginning of a change.  We should expect a slight lag and then an exponential and accelerated growth of poker because of the advent of two emerging technologies: Naj Coin, and Mental Poker’s Implementation QuixCoin.

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