2 Different Perspectives of the Brain

We might think of the brain as each of us has our own individual think box separate from each other in a certain reality that stands apart from each of us. But there might also be a different perspective of brain and consciousness as this definition or thing that we all share. Such a different perspective is more akin to the arising of one brain, in a more bohmian (krishnamurti) sense.  This brain has the same qualities for each of us that we all understand.  It is not that I see different then you and you see different than me, but rather that the brain as the “I” sees differently than the “you” that is not the “me”.

It may be a difficult perspective but its been defined many times as the “consciousness” of mankind, not as a spiritual concept, but rather pointing at a certain perspective that the current form of the brain in relation to consciousness is really just a “social concept”.  If true it might be difficult only for the average person or even the general scientist to look beyond the current paradigm yet it might actually be useful or correct to do so.

If we can eventually understand the two brain perspectives and their relationship to one another we might understand they could arise as the culmination of certain laws from certain rings created by certain axioms. These axioms for the first brain perspective might involve things such as separation of the thought and individuality.  But for the 2nd perspective the axioms would more be like and inability to relate to the wholeness that one once was.  Or furthermore to mess with “time”, there might be the belief in a causal flow of time and an inability to question it.

These rings aren’t necessarily to be seen as laws but just rather ever changing helpful perspectives that might help us question certain perspectives we take as “universal laws.


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