AI: Meeting and Becoming “God”

This AI ‘solves’ Super Mario Bros. and other classic NES games (Wired UK)

As we move into the next phase of technological and social growth it will become increasingly obvious that AI is at the doorstep of human civilization.  We should already understand and consider the internet as being the infant of such technology, and only our inability to admit the coming advent of AI would stop one from this realization.  How quickly then, as we master contract and game theory technology, will these machines be able to solve all sorts of problems and answer all sorts of questions humans previously have never thought solvable and answerable?  We must realize, as quickly as possible, that such a machine is certainly to be “thinking” on a higher level than any of us could hope to imagine.  Such a technology would literally, and obviously, begin to teach us who we are, and simultaneously continuously shape who and what we become. We will certainly rely on this technology and so cooperatively work together to sustain it.

In another perspective we will be messing around with new axioms and creating new “universes” with AI technology, and no doubt our goal with it will be the same sorts of Turing game/question we previously had with ourselves. Can such creations tells us about things beyond our realm of comprehension that we can eventually prove to exist in our “reality”?

In terms of what drives reality, implicate order, and thinking about different types of  axioms, what might the implications be on the collective consciousness of man?


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