Antlers and Randomness

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The author noted recently the family’s dog, that is actually quite exceptionally intelligent for a dog yet still with a puppy temperament, was slamming around an antler.  What was all the commotion?  What was clear was she couldn’t get a good grip because of the shape and so she ended up chase it all over the house.  Sometimes proudly prancing around once “mastered” for a moment until she tries to have a chew session.  Eventually (see pic) it seems an equilibrium was found. Could this be a certain type of game? Through the evolution of predator/prey, might for example dog families (wolves etc.) have thrown pups bones and antlers to “play” with.  The fun-ness of the shape creates a type of fondness which perpetuates and instinctual drive for cleverness and domination. One wonders then what is the mathematical formula behind the antlers that creates the randomness that is hard for puppy to instantly master. The antler growth might be a pattern, but regardless it seems significant that a game ensues for the dog. We must remember to consider implicate order and what comes first in our analysis/observation.


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