Bohm Coin

Bohm coin is a concept that the author won’t define the parameters too, but thinks that different parameters might spawn different interesting discussions.  The basic idea behind bohm coin is to start with one person that votes for a partner.  That partner gets a bohm coin and a new vote with 2 people is done to select a 3rd partner.  The important point is that if even one partner doesn’t vote for the same new candidate the coin is a failure.  The idea isn’t about extortion or violence but rather to see how far such a coin could spread by picking obvious ideal candidates that will always follow the group and keep the coin growing.

Parameters could be changing like how many new people are added per group.  How many Bohm coins are dropped initially to spread random pools amongst the world.

What are the ramifications of large scale spreading of bohm coin.  Is it related to a peaceful intelligent unified civilization?  Can their be a certain incentive attached to spread such a coin more surely?

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