Bohm Protocols and the K-State

The bohm protocols can be found from studying higher level and generalized formulas of games such as, and in relation to, minimum protocols for establishing duck duck goose. What are the fundamental protocols or rules for establishing peaceful contact between strangers? In this sense games might be very useful as the basic elements of games might be both recognizable and pleasing to many types of cultures.  There are certainly minimum “biological” requirements, as well as minimum requirements for the applicability of such a concept, nonetheless, the intelligence of approaching these “situations” of strangers meeting should not be overlooked!

There is much room for implicate collusion, especially if different parties can find some realization (or Byzantium confirmation, whether through infinite regress) that there is in fact an understanding and observation relationship/communication happening. It is not then that games are possibly useful in this sense,  but rather that games are not at all simply fun and socially useful and instead our general understanding of them is a demeaning perspective on the process and structure of “securing harmony”.

We tend to see this as a problem of individuals getting along (whether the individuals are groups or not), and look at games and game theory in relation to that which is non-cooperative and that which is cooperative.  This is quite helpful of course and cannot be swept aside.  However in future (near future) paradigms of our ever shifting social consciousness we might see that such current divisions as nations and “humans” might shift into a more holistic viewpoint, and so we might then see all games as (at least) cooperative and always be thinking about and viewing games from a “coalition” perspective.

Truly though if our understanding of games evolves in the direction the author sees then we should understand that games are an establishment of bohmian dialog, through bohmiam protocol.  The K-state is then useful to understand, as a perspective or a state, in which there is no preconceived notion or bias or force. Whether this is defined as moving in relation to other things is not said or useful in the fundamental understanding of “k-state”.  It is an ideal.  In human dialog the metaphor is “attentive and sincere”.  It is an ideal of listening the perfect amount, while talking the perfect amount, and it comes from a natural openness.

With computers we might think of a state of readiness of millions of networked computers that simultaneously attack and solve a hard problem but never fight over each computers role in the execution.


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