Completing the Kula Ring of Fighting: Merging JKD with MMA

Once fighters start to implement the new fundamental footwork that will eventually be learned or found (not because of the author) and understood, then they will no doubt begin to explore different types of tactics involving the 5 ways of attack.  The birth and social mastery of indirect punching and progressive indirect attack might likely fuel a revolution of study into the construct that Bruce Lee left behind that martial artists largely seemed to have not understood.  This would complete a kind of kula ring in our understanding of physical combat which will really complete and bring about a paradigm shift about what fighting is and what it should mean to our society.  Bruce Lee saw it, and he certainly related it through Jiddu Krishnamurti.  How ironic many people might have asked Bruce to “prove it” and how some might remember him for “not proving it”.  Is the height of fighting knowledge proving it, or perhaps if we studying hard enough, shed enough prejudice and are truly sincere, is there something beyond competition and conflict?

Does mastering fighting cause us to become more brutal or perhaps more peaceful? Is fighting a game of conflict or is it our current perception of ‘games’ that is what makes us understanding the 5 ways of attack as “aggression” and fighting as “destructive”?

As MMA evolves some different questions might arise about the implications and usefulness of such competitions. Are they what we think they are or is the true game a certain riggedness for violence and entertainment. Our true intent seems to be the evolution of hand to hand combat where as the reality might be more towards another twisted evolution of a style or stagnating system.  Perhaps the next evolution is nothing like an arena style sport at all.


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