Is There Such Thing As a “Bluff”?

A bluff is an interesting concept depending on our understanding of the religion of games.  In poker we have different reasons for taken different lines depending on what level of player we are.  We might suggest a certain bet is a bluff yet a pro might point out that we in fact clearly have the better hand.  We might suggest betting and folding to a raise is a bluff, yet such a play might be for value.  If we understand range and balance a bluff might be just an attempt at that.  The emergence of the bluff is not then necessarily what we think it is, as perhaps the emergence of certain rules or technology.  However there may be some games that tell the story of a bluff, and those that clearly have no “bluffy” lines.  What has a bluff represented historically?  What can we relate bluffs to in the present?  What might the bluff evolve to in the future (hint: for example today a bluff in poker is largely simply balance as part of a range).

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