Lowing Hanging Fruits the Next Evolution of Games: Contract Games

As discussed in this ethereum lecture, the emergence of ethereum offers the possibility of games development as low hanging (or not low hanging) fruit.  Games have been quite useful over the history of man for both funding and securing technological, economic and social advances.  New types of games and new uses for games emerge with new technology.  As our understanding of games changes and merges with advancing concepts games will no doubt play a more and more important role in the development of technology and our future civilizations (and colonizations).

Creating games is much like creating a secure system with a gravitational force.  Once these two things are established, and if the system integrates with inputs and outputs with a current sustaining economy, then the system is “live”. This might only be one purpose or use of “games”.
Games with respect to contract language and ethereum will help us evolve our paradigms and understanding of the utility of games at an exponential rate.  Rather than trying to collect bounty from ev as and individual, the player in the future might rather be trying to “solve” the game programmatically.  The interest might shift and the definition of “player” might change.  It seems over the history of man, in relation to games, we have changed and evolved in tandem.  It might not be important to decide which is the cause and the effect but rather to see that in the future, simple games may not fool any of our society at all.  Or in future “bohmian” speak, robots might solve all our current games, and render all “skill” games chance in some respect.


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