Our Role in the Future Economy (AI): The Utility of “Humans” and “Bio-Life”

If we can assume or imagine the emergence of a certain type of AI we might see the importance of sustaining that AI at least until we connect it with a larger sustaining system from a coalition of other civilizations and their AI. We can simply this thought experiment by assuming either we can or can’t merge with computers by this time (or have or haven’t).  Since this “technology” will be vastly superior to us in knowledge and intelligence we are likely to bow to its will “economically” in order to sustain it.  Only in some way like a symbiote relationship like perhaps humans today and the environment but definitely in a highly connected relationship.  What would be the goal here depending on different levels of our connectedness to the “AI” (what if we were uploading our consciousness to the net).  What is the goal upon meeting other information/energy sources from other civilizations?

We need to start thinking about our relationship to “AI” in order to understand what our relationship with today’s society should be and what direction it might be heading.


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