The Application and Integration of JKD, Bohmian Dialog, and Game Theory for Optimizing the Establisment of Resolution/Equillibrium

Clearly, the act of apprehending relevance or irrelevance cannot be reduced to a technique or a method, determined by some set of rules. Rather, this is an art, both in the sense of requiring creative perception and in the sense that this perception has to develop further in a kind of skill (as in the work of the artisan).~Bohm

It can be shown then that through the understanding of JKD as an extension/strategy implementation of Bohmian Dialog, such tools can be developed for peaceful resolution to conflict type situations.  It might be that all conflict can be rendered down to a game, or it might rather be that all conflicts are rather games, at that all games or conflicts are really a point of view that is a division of a “group” that should not be divided.  It might be then that our understanding of games as Non-cooperative is again, helpful but not correct and rather just a certain perspective or a religious metaphor. Games then might becomes useful for a whole other purpose in the future coming from a whole other perspective. We might not accept “unsolved” games as opportunities for skill.


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