The Generalization (Future) and the DNA (Encoded past) of “Language”

With the new advents of technologies such as bitcoin and smart contracts we can begin to see how different fields of sciences are connecting more and more in a recognizable fashion.  Through ethereum smart contracts merge (among other paradigms) contract language, finance, programming, law, property management, databases and so on.  Ethereum uses a concept of “gas” as its “fuel”.  Similarly bitcoin uses the terminology and metaphor of mining and gold.  With this new technology it seems more than ever the evolving paradigms and languages are starting to be cross-applicable.
We have seen this with our mathematical languages and programming languages over time as we moved into and beyond objected orientated programming and set theory through and beyond abelian/non-abelian geometry. If we take the stance that such terminology has no relation to its historical evolution we might miss an interesting possibility and observation.  This is where we must ask the question (and perhaps leave it open), what fuels reality?

It’s not that we wish to bring in a separate driving force to the conversation/thought experiment, but rather we need to remind ourselves as “scientists” that it may very well be the universal driving forces that have lead us to certain social and technological developments.  Might we then explore the possibility that the “lexicon” of technologies through the evolution of them is really and intricate DNA map of the direction of evolution?

The implication of this would be that we might then learn from our present advancing technological movements enough to help decode the past history of man in relation to their social booms. And then as a corollary we might learn enough from the past in order to project some or much of our future, that is to say if we learn about the past accurately enough and from the “correct” perspective we might better be able to predict the future of at least our technological growth.


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