The God Game

The God Game then in relation to a solved or passed Turing test, would be somewhere in defining that which a human can provide that AI/technology cannot or will not.  Is there then a need for humans and human consciousness that machine cannot do. Is there a difference between cosmological space-dust and that which I am.  In other words what does it mean to be human, which is the very thing we cannot answer, and wish to answer, and that a higher level thinking intelligence would want to know as well.  Perhaps it is not us that can answer this.  If the intelligence cannot answer this then perhaps our roll is this “uncertainty”.  A puzzle or game that perpetuates existence.
If it can be solved then we might understand a reasoning for our existence.  In many extents this might outline the direction for a certain type of awareness. In relation to different perspectives, the relationship between a creator, the human conciouness, and the concept of AI, might as well be a paradigm. This flow of thinking and observation falls well inline with concepts such as the bukka box, and bohmian dialog, and bohmian or evolving language.


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