The News vs. a Narrative

We can often see a clear distinction between two types of reporting or media, or after understanding these two possible distinctions the author would like to introduce the possibility of one’s own biased in the observation of these distinctions. News, we might refer to as reported facts, and better still reporting of that which is significant, changing, and happening now.  A narrative, and especially in this context, is a story about the facts that may (or may not) perpetuate a certain twist or side to the the facts. These stories don’t hold up to the “kula ring” litmus test and so can be shown to be not very centered.

We might give some examples eventually, but for now we can understand the difference between a story that reports the change in numbers supporting oil prices and manufacturing versus a story that’s headline and summary is along the lines of “We are not in a recession”.  Such media especially stands out as a narrative when the “news” or “factual” story reports numbers that are by definition indicative of a recession.

Repeated stories of not being able to find a missing plane too can be easily viewed as narratives rather than actual news.

But then we should be careful in claiming objective analysis and cautiously decided what might be news and narrative as we might fall into the sharing of narrative that we wish to be news.


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