The Utility of Ideal Dialog

Ideal Dialog is much like a beginning state of openness with no previous bias or “direction”. Much like the perfect butler that is the perfect general in disguise.  A benevolent yet wise and obedient robot.  When two people meet you hope that their communication skills are so perfect that they immediate “hit things off” and develop and learn each others “usefulness”.  To do this there must not be much of an initial motive behind 1 or both of the “players”, because this can often cloud the directness of the communication.  We expect that ideally we would have both parties in a very receptive (but ready for action) state initially.  After some form of communication the leader or most significant, relevant, and timely topic must be brought forth.  Here, in this writing we don’t mean to define this protocol, but rather show the social cost saved by streamlining these type of “meetings”.
A facebook wall for friends and family to keep current and catch up on your life would be one example of a time-saving (and therefore cost saving) system.
These are the kinds of things that might help people maximize their productivity in regards to their own passionate pursuits that might also likely be most helpful for this “global economy”

Ideal Dialog is the peaceful resolution to conflict in another sense.  It is a paradigm shift in our everyday thinking that has bleed the model of conflict throughout our systems.  This “religious” belief of conflict has caused our inability to understand past present, future and reality. We might understand the use of games in bringing out resolutions through equilibrium.  Is it through aggression our opponent bows to our peaceful demands? Or is it intelligence tends towards peace perhaps?


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