The Religion of Science and The Science of Religion

The discoveries of modern science do not disagree with the oldest traditions which claim an incredible antiquity for our race.~Madame Blavatsky

Much like our changing religion on what games are and what skilled games are vs what games of chance are, we might in the future change what we consider to be accepted or logical knowledge. As our understanding of reality changes we might decide to rescind different conclusions for new observations.  We might call this change the religion of science or the changing science of religion.  It might be then that cultures of different times (especially of the ancient past) were not so religious in the way we understand today, but rather it will always look this way from a superior perspective.  We might then feel instantly religious today if we think about a future civilization from 200,000 years in the future looking back at use through their technology. This touches on the importance of our understanding of changing perspectives and axioms. This is also seemingly comparable to understanding the difference between news and narrative.


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