What Drives Reality(?)

The question of what drives reality for some seeks to solve the riddle of what comes first the chicken or the egg. Already though it can easily be shown to those that subscribe to the possibility of a solution that there are clearly attainable higher level understandings of the problem.  For instance we might decide to only observe the relationship of the chicken to the egg and the egg to the chicken in order to understand them but not necessarily to resolve them.

This is close to what we might call the Kula Ring conjecture, which in some ways is a metaphor for the relationship between two opposing and or supporting views.  By observing the contrasting perspective with no bias we are often able to see the silliness of any firm and/or extreme view.  Once this paradigm is understood and practiced alone or especially with a group, it can go a long way to dissolve many types of significant or insignificant conflicts.

If we can start to imagine or comprehend even higher orders of thinking about what fuels reality we might start to think along the same lines as Bohm when he described implicit order. Can each different perspective be correct and/or useful and can we still continue to think and abstract beyond that which we already know as correct. Should we avoid traversing the deepness of such directions?

This leads us to our understanding of bukka boxes and different perspectives on consciousness.  Because then it can be shown that reality is driven in many ways by many things.  Then it becomes more helpful to compare different perspectives that support the same reality with similar or dissimilar driving forces. Assuming certain kinds of driving forces and/or only a single solution may limit our understanding of large (and/or high) level abstractions that could be helpful in understanding what “this” is and what drives “it”, if “it” moves at all.


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