New Titles

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Using Inter-universal Perspectives to Understand the Nature of our Evolution

Quick notes on Poker Staking and Smart Contracts
The “Trivial Nature” of Effective Rake Targeting: Optimizing Sustainability and Profitability
The News vs. a Narrative
The Religion of Science and The Science of Religion
Psychic Predictions vs Intelligence
The Habit of Generalization (and Specification)
One Possibility for a “Rake Standard”
A Global Stable Monetary Unit: the Largest Hidden Factor of Effective Rake
Ideal Introductions
The Application and Integration of JKD, Bohmian Dialog, and Game Theory for Optimizing the Establishment of Resolution/Equilibrium
The Indirect Punch and How to Implement it in a Dojo
Completing the Kula Ring Fighting: Merging JKD with MMA
Bohm Protocols and the K-State
Our Role in the Future Economy (AI): The Utility of “Humans” and “Bio-Life”
Prob 2
The Emergence of “Smart Contract” Language and the Indus Valley Script
Is There Such Thing As a “Bluff”?
What is a Game?
Lowing Hanging Fruits the Next Evolution of Games: Contract Games
The Utility of Ideal Dialog
What Drives Reality(?)
Antlers and Randomness
2 Different Perspectives of the Brain
Is a Bad Contract Valid?
AI: Meeting and Becoming “God”
What is Fun and the Ideal “Workforce”
The Purpose of “Games” and Their Future Application
Expanding on N.S. Kula Ring Conjecture
The Turing Test
Bohm Coin
Axioms and the Ring Generator
The 180 Pro Myth?!
Expanding on 180’s Observations
The Biggest MTT in the History of Poker
Observations on 180 Man Turbo MTTSNG Variance: Comparing 2013 with 2014 Leaderboards
Notes on Probability
Notes On A. Pickles
Notes on Games and the History of cards
Poker’s Kula Ring Problem

In The Works/New:

The Keynesian Effects on our Psychology
Amygdala: The Logical Brain vs. the Emotional Brain
An Inquiry into Gambling Addiction
Example/Case Study of Smart Contracts: Playshares
Greece and 7 reform proposals (letter to Euro Group): Highlighting the Significance and Relevance of iGaming and iPoker

Another Possible (Fundamental) Formalization of “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations”

What arises “Ideal Money”: Jewlerly and Fashion, Gold and Shells, and Beaver Hats
The Cause of War
Humanity’s New Goal
On Deluges
Quick Notes on the Fundamental Formalization of TWON

Telephone Game: The Hidden Force of the Invisible Hand
Language as a Consensus Mechanism: The Story of the Tower of Babel
A Possible Lost “Technology”
Decentralization of the Brain
What Destabilizes a “Wealthy Nation”
Why the 4 Color Map Theorem Cannot “Contain” an Equilibrium
Maps and Borders as Consensus Mechanisms
Implicate Order and Percentages
On Polymaths


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