An Inquiry into Gambling Addiction:

What is Gambling?

What is Addiction?

What is Obsession?

What is Money?

What are Games?

Notes on Probability

What are Games of Chance vs Games of Skill?

The Importance of Poker and the Freedom to Gamble in Society

The Difference Between Gambling as a Brain Injury/Disease/Deficiency, and Freedom of Choice From an Otherwise Healthy Gamer.

How to Use Marijuana to Cure Brain Injuries and Other Related Issues

Using Games (and Sub-games) to Treat Addictions (including gambling) and Mental Illness (and Mental Diseases/Deficiencies)

How to Treat “Gambling” Addictions: The Importance and Significance of Games in a Healthy Society

How Casinos Rake Structure Can be Modified to Destroy or Sustain a Healthy Society

The Significance of Anthony Pickles on the Arising of 2 Distinct Card Games in the Kula Ring in Relation to Nick Szabo’s Kula Ring Conjecture

Case Studies of Case Studies and Research Papers:


Chasing losses in online poker and casino games: Characteristics and game play of Internet gamblers at risk of disordered gambling – viewcontent.cgi

Problem gambling in poker: Money, rationality and control in a skill-based social game. | OPGRC

untitled – jgi.2013.28.4

Poker: The next wave of gambling. – Nigel_Turner_discovery_2005.pdf

Slide 1 – what-differentiates-professional-poker-players-from-recreational-poker-players-.pdf

Online Gambling Addiction: the Relationship Between Internet Gambling and Disordered Gambling

Future of Games:

The Purpose of “Games” and Their Future Application

From Colonial Lotteries to Satoshi Dice: The 4th and 5th Wave of Gambling is Upon Us


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