A Possible Lost “Technology”

It might then be, and in relation to Another Possible (Fundamental) Formalization of “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations” that at one time in our ancient history our fragmented civilizations were actually functioning as a cohesive whole. This might have included a great equilibrium of trade possibly signified by a certain architecture such as stone henge.

It might be that over some amount of years a certain disruption in the equilibrium took place, as has happened to many civilizations we know of.  It could be as simple as a long drought, or some form of climate change, or the careless lack of river planning in relation to infrastructure of a growing civilization. Perhaps a great flood of some kind.

We might also thing about our understand of the “circumference” of earth. At times when we feel the Earth is flat, collectively, it would then be possible to circumnavigate the world and still believe that one had traveled in a circle. We tend to ask what the ancients were looking for by aligning their structures with the heavens and stars.  But observing this all from the other perspective it would be necessary to have these civilizations to look back to, in order to truly begin to harness the power of the knowledge a collective realization that the world is round would have.

This COULD have been something that mankind had knowledge of in the past, and something that could have easily have been forgotten just like the language of the pyramids and Egyptians. It’s possible that the ancients had a better understanding of our oneness and didn’t have fragmented think like our nationalistic views today.

This would have a dramatic impact on the type of civilizations that would arise between the fragmented and the wholistic.


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