Humanity’s New Goal

Humanities new goal is clearly now to bring about a stable equilibrium that will facilitate peace by dealing with the causes of war. By bringing about the great equilibrium humanity has an incredible change for significant change. Who knows what kind of society such change could bring about.

The author recently worked on a river project, restructuring river banks for future considerations of the fish populations that swim up them each year. “Fish Money” the boss called it.  These fisheries projects are funded from many sources including state funding, city funding, utility companies (that might for example have power pole access at risk), farmers etc. The projects themselves take days or weeks to complete but years for the positive effects to take place.  Such a project could not take place without the agreements of many different parties, which must then have a stable foundation themselves to work from.  In order for civilizations to plan for the future there must be enough stability in the near term to not have to worry and concentrate solely on the present.

This is important in relation to the changing economic times.  As humanity brings about peace and the great stability it might then think about decentralization in the form of not have one particular fundamental need relying on one or few sources. We might start to think about how to diversify the resources pools we rely on so that one day we might only be ultra stable but also ultra secure as well from all kinds of different potential economic disasters.

This would truly involve the world working together.

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