Quick Notes on the Fundamental Formalization of TWON

In relation to the Fundamental Formalization of “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nation, it has been shown the 4 basic necessities to an equilibrium that arises a wealthy nation. This is but the start of a wealthy nation that must necessarily expand as it creates and sustains value through efficiency and growth. Technology no doubt ensues, as well as mastery of many and all subjects. The evolution of such a civilization on any given continent naturally leads to (if not its own demise) a mastery of either (or both of) foreign commerce and possible sea warfare.

That is to say it is easy to see that an equilibrium is eventually naturally broken by either seeking foreign lands to conquer, or by being conquered (often by complete surprise) by foreign invaders.

This phenomenon then of wiping out nations through the discovery of new lands must necessarily happen again and again until the whole of the world is proved and discovered. Then mankind has a chance to look back on the past destruction in order to forge ahead an create a new great equilibrium of peace and possible even to rise beyond such a dream (and hopefully to stop destroying records of its own history).

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