Using Inter-universal Perspectives to Understand the Nature of our Evolution

Mankind has continually and seemingly naturally evolved over certain period of time possibly in specific ways that are quite definable in their fundamental causes. What is it that fuels this natural direction and growth?  What is the force involved? As civilizations arise and gain momentum mankind has continually reached for the heavens regardless of successive failures.

The author would like to suggest it is our “conflict” (or unity/harmony) with gravity, light, and in relation to Pi, and thought that creates and fuels the drive and direction that is the evolution of mankind.

Each successive iteration of architecture and each revelation of mathematics and science becomes that which help us understand our relation to the natural laws of our universe.

This allows us to relevate the obvious questions about what other universes might arise with different natural laws.  And specifically in relation to the 4 fundamentals causes of a wealthy nation we might also ask “Why food and water?” Where as shelter is an obvious need of the physical realm.  Food is today a store of sun energy, and water is the most abundant resources that might be consider scarce (oxygen is not worth fighting for) although one could then compare and inquire into the wealth of rising animals that evolve from the water worlds to the oxygen environments).

This suggests the possibility of different types of life on planets where water is not the most abundant resource, and “sunlight” is not the most prevalent source in its own regard either. Our search for life in the “universe” may not necessarily need to be so specific.

Especially if we understand our connection with the cosmos:

“We might further understand the significance of this re-levation by thinking about the “universe” or at least the life and nature on our planet (earth) as a whole.  Can we imagine for a time, the entirety of all the “networks” in the world speaking and listening together and passing all of their market data to each other network. The ducks learning and listening to the waters, so then they can translate for the wind, which carries the calls of many birds, and transforms these signals into weather which in turn directly and dramatically effects our daily lives. We in turn, simply as a part of this whole, arise civilizations, and begin to effect the “nature” we see as apart from us. It should be quite easy to see this different and not fragmented perspective of what ultimately connects the entire cosmos.”

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