What Destabilizes a “Wealthy Nation”

Here we observe the necessary-ness of the 4 fundamental parts to an equilibrium that might arise a wealth nation: Fresh water, Food, Shelter, and the money to trade for each.  This suggest then a type of defense or counter to types of threats that might destabilize such an equilibrium. We might inquire into each slightly to understand what possible adjustments might arise for each of these needs of a civilization.
Fresh Water

No doubt some or many or most great nations were found and founded near great sources of fresh water.  It may then be necessary to build or have great defensive structure guarded the “property rights” of such a resource. Water is often seasonal and will depend greatly on climate change. Water is a powerful source and often over time changes its path as it flows towards its intended destination.  Fresh water sources needs great care and great planning for the future.

Water, in various ways, is a great mode for transportation, which is helpful for barter and foreign commerce, it is helpful for war campaigns but also necessitates a possible weakness for invasion.

Water itself is difficult to transport and therefore use for barter.  Many water agreements and projects have existed throughout the history of man and in the present day.  Water and water management is no doubt crucial in the role of great civilizations.


Food comes to use in various forms but can be divided loosely in to plant and animals.  Seemingly the true source of energy we are attracted to is the sun mixed with various sources from the earth.  Food is subject greatly the environment, seasons, climates etc. Over time we have learn to evolve food by our own means and for this we have developed an ability to adapt to many of the pitfalls that no doubt destroyed previous nations.

Depending on the different storage life’s of food, it can be used efficiently for barter and/or as a money. Technology then, having a dramatic effect on the production of food, could definitely disrupt a nation in regards to food and its relationship to “money”.


Shelter means many things and comes in many forms in relation to the great equilibrium that arises nations. Here we mean that which the peoples need to survive the climate conditions of their time. Some aspects of shelter may or may not be important or significant.  A population with adequate food and water that cannot survive a certain climate event does not then have the shelter they need. It might be that only certain materials are required for strong housing, and such materials can be bartered for with neighboring regions.

Many regions develop housing in relation to these conditions which might be more prevalent the further back in history and prehistory one goes. Shelter in regions with mild and stable climates might be easier and/or less of a concern.


Money can be that which arises out of a certain special coincidence of wants. Money itself has certain parameters that might cause it to arise as a certain commodity or “object” rather than another commodity or potential contender for it. This suggests then that an equilibrium can be broken with respect to the quantity or supply of money in use at the time. Also from a only slightly different perspective, it might be that a better type of money comes along and somehow takes over the current status quo money.

Certain monetary institutions might then arise out of the kind of money and trade/barter system of the time. This suggest the possibility of other types of complex (or simple) failure that might range from the destruction of a certain building or certain records, or the obvious unraveling or ending of a current inferior system of accounting an barter.

Security in the traditional sense is obviously important here.

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