Why the 4 Color Map Theorem Cannot “Contain” an Equilibrium

In regards to the equilibrium and what arises a wealthy nation, and also in relation to that which might be said to be the causes of war, it is necessary to inquire further beyond the 4 color map theorem that is the crux of the equilibrium formerly discussed. The equilibrium suggests that the need for food, water, and shelter, and the monies used to trade for these things must necessarily arise.  But this is only necessarily true from a causal perspective, which is not necessarily the perspective humanity (or science) is headed for. Let us then inquire into the Nature and Causes of TWON further and in relation to pre-man or animals.

For example of we think about the “4 color map/Wealth Nation thereum” in relation to the ocean life, that may have existing far beyond mans time on this earth, we might understand our theorem clearly break down as there is not longer the “2-d” limit that the 4 color theorem relies on for its equilibrium.  This suggests different kinds equilibrium would necessarily exist at different times and in relation to different types of life that existed at these respective times.

For someone who doesn’t believe in evolution this might not mean anything interesting.  Humans have their own equilibrium and animals have there own. But to readers of theWealthofChips this should or could mean something far more interesting. Since we are but an evolution of ‘animals’ and this prehistoric life (or if we may be allowed such a thought experiment), it suggest that the breaking and restoring of equilibrium is a process of “economic evolution” that we are only now just understand in relation to our own economic and market data, which we are almost starting to get a collective understanding of.

In the same way we might “cannibalize” our own population in times of war, and in the same way we make slaves of our own peoples in different economic periods of history (based on different and certain equilibrium and the destabilization of such), we have over time made slaves of, food of, and friends of, different forms of life on this planet.

It might then be in the future as we evolve ourselves and the life on this planet with us, and as we learn about and understand different types of equilibrium that lead us away from conflict and towards peace, prosperity, efficiency and the like…we tending to stop using animals as food, or slaves, or even pets, and learn to coexist and see each other as equals.
This might have at one time been more so the perspective of ancient man depending on different global and geo physical relationships with other known lands and tribes.

Interestingly as well, a 4 color equilibrium could also not be necessarily shown if we (as humans) began to traverse and habit the depths of the oceans or the heights of the atmosphere freely.  This suggests, depending on what fuels reality (chicken or egg), that our inability to “property manage” the sky and the ocean has much to do with current equilibrium of trade being met.


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