Twitch and iGaming: The Verifably Human Node

Interesting and especially in relation to Pokereum: An Efficient Smart Contract Dependent Decentralized Poker Platform and this blog on bots.

Twitch might naturally provide a much needed solution to the igaming industry (from the player’s perspective not 3rd party profit-ers) by re-levating the position of a“verified ‘human’ node” needed to help prove and provide certain game fairness required to secure a decentralized p2p poker or igaming network.

Expanding on this, with certain multitudes of viewers (fans) that themselves may (or may not) have verifiable and credible accounts, viewer support alone maybe be enough to offer a helping hand to securing p2p decentralized igaming (and also possibly in tandem with already supported digital currencies and simple upvote systems (or future complex ones)).

A system with “smart contracts” such as what playshares describes might be useful in this regard. This highlights other possible uses for “Naj Coin” as well as other specific player currencies that might arise.


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