RE: Coaching

Really try hard to think about who you learn from.  Or if you own a coaching site, who you employ:

Re: Twitch – this gonna be the nail in the coffin

Just to quickly respond to this point, I produce training videos (not for RIO) for what is relatively speaking a very low price/video. I’m happy with this for two reasons:
1) the site I make them for is targeted primarily at US-based micro players so it’s unlikely that anyone who sees the videos will be playing my games any time soon.
2) I couldn’t give a **** about the poker economy since I don’t intend to play poker seriously for more than at most about 15 months from today.
Hopefully this alone is sufficient to show you that there are valid reasons – similar to those for using scripts, since neither is good for the poker economy – and this is without my belief that ethically speaking poker is more justifiable if people have ready access to strategic information (to make it more of a meritocracy), and the fact that I really enjoy producing them.

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