There is No Such Thing as a Bluff in Poker

And in relation to The Religion of Poker, as we first learn the game we are being taught general rules such as showdown ranking and therefore hand value and eventually hand ranking etc.  We learn options such as call, check, raise, and fold. We are taught terms eventually such as value bet, bet for information, bluff, weak play, strong play etc, all of which represent a certain strategy (or subset of strategy).

But (often/sometimes) eventually the player raises their level of understanding to include things such as “range”.  We learn that we often make “bluffs” for the purpose of balance, or that for the purpose of balance we must include some bluffs.  If a player bets with air to take down a pot they might proclaim it as a “bluff”.  But the same strategy with a superior player might be describing their play as “perfectly balanced”.  Thus there is no bluff.  It might even by that when villain calls with a superior hand, the hero is quite happy with the strategy match-up and therefore the result.

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