Money and Mental Illness

It is interesting to note some peoples with fading psyches or “mental illness” often have deep rooted (“unsolvable”) issues with money.  But this must be an issue conditioned into the person because we cannot expect a mentally ill person from a certain tribe that has never seen money (such as a US dollar) to act in the same way towards money.  Indeed the specialness of money to the mentally ill person who has a clear weakness towards it, is heavily related to the value we are conditioned, through culture, to associate with it, as well as the obvious value of being something that is always accepted (legal tender).

Tribes without this kind of money, for example that might use “proto-money”, might still have individuals that develop mental illnesses towards their own proto-money, however it cannot be irrelevant or insignificant that there is indeed obvious mental “programming” in this regard.

This levates two important considerations.  First as our understanding of money advances, and the technology we refer to today as money advances the construct we condition ourselves with changes. This will change the types of paradigms that arise from conditions we call mental illness. Second, should see then that at least part of our inability to properly “treat” or care for mental illness that relates to the difficultly of managing and being reasonably responsible with money, are actually likely products of our general society’s incorrect paradigms on what money is and how it should be viewed/understood.

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