I’m not sure sure if you are familiar with the Kula Ring conjecture put forth by Szabo. My understanding is that for this ring of islands he showed that money arose as a kind of necessity for trade.  As the last island participated, arm shells and necklaces circulated contra-wise to each other. We should be able to understand the impact of travel in relation to Szabo’s Kula Ring conjecture.If the islands grew bigger and/or closer together, ultimately the type of trade that might arise would be rendered different.  Szabo’s observation of the Kula ring, is thus quite fundamental and specific. This perspective seems quite comparable to electricity.

Nash points out we have failed to see money as a telecommunications.

This is particularly interesting in relation to Szabo’s formalization of the Wealth of Nations which truly deals with a 2-D type plane which in some sense then can be thought of as islands that eventually grow so big and so close that they touch each other.  Then all of the land based type economics might apply.

Then this is where the Fundamental Causes of a Wealthy Nation becomes relevant. At first the proposal might seem quite basic and insignificant and in one way it is.  The proposed observation is quite classic (ie newton) and it might be easily pointed out that such an equilibrium is not actually truly stable nor is such a simple equilibrium applicable to reality or real situations.

However, if we can understand the equilibrium involved in creating the stability needed in regards to a wealthy nation, then we might be able to project unfathomably far into our past and also equally as far into our future as a result of this understanding.  A wealthy nation arises basically with respect to a 2-D plane economics, or in other words there is not abundant or significant levels up (sky) or down (underground/ocean) in which a wealthy nation might expand.

A wealthy nation necessarily expands around the globe.

IF, a nation COULD expand on such a different plane then this would arise the need for a different or more complex or more specific equilibrium.  We might then understand this by thinking about ocean life and its evolution over time and what might be considered the “wealthy” biology whether in terms of flourishing reefs for example, or in terms of the evolution of certain dominant species.

Nonetheless we can see the different effects of having gravity or not having gravity might have on the economics of these systems.

So we might explore and expand the Kula conjecture or the fundamental cause of wealthy nations on different levels, with different types of planes (2-D, Ocean), and also in software which might be infinitely more complex.  Then we should be able to extrapolate large understandings about the economics or systems of space that might act simply like a complex or “curved” planes.

There should be then maths that follows all of this as well as the transitions from one “plane’ to another. Dimensions and planes geometries might seem easy and then we should be able to levate this kind of economic study of the inter-universal kind.


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