Letting Habitual Depositors Own the Poker Network (The Psychology of a Humans Who Solves Puzzles (Poorly) in Exchange for a Negative ROI)

We give power of the network to the losing players. This is actual quite interesting and as I understand it NOT Pokereum’s solution.

Interesting thoughts arise…and we start to wonder if that could possibly be the solution WITHOUT any sort of system of public/private tables etc.

We think about a certain malicious party trying to lose enough money to take over the network…impossible or favorable for the players in the long run, in order to secure a network that will lose its integrity ultimately anyways.

A malicious party losing to only its own accounts cannot be a very net loser.

We can also think about possibilities for bots and bot pools to arise that are “losing players” on average, but receive enough supplemental private game rake (in exchange for acting as a random node) that being a slight loser plus the additional control of the network might be enough secure and equilibrium.

A winning bot must necessarily PAY for some control of the network.

A losing player gets a piece of the network and they can sell it.

You want your poker network/stake to grow or shrink in relation to “domestic deposits” or “lost monies”.

The incentive to own stake in the network can be collecting “rake” by acting as juror for private games.


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