How Ideal Money Could Arise From the Bitcoin Phenomenon: Merging the Block Size Debate With the Greek/Euro Crisis

Perhaps Ideal money could natural arise from a “bretton-woods” type system with a bitcoin standard instead of gold.

We tend to think that bitcoin would be the ideal currency for each of us and the world. For many reasons I think this is true as well, however, as we have been learning with the recent Euro/Greece crisis the adoption of bitcoin as a currency is not necessarily feasible.

Bitcoin cannot necessarily be adopted through logic or because a minority group of intelligent, radical, and liberal peoples suggest so. Furthermore the addition of a currency, especially of the ultimately deflationary type does not necessarily address the real world global economy conditions of today.

Greece does not suffer in this indecision alone-we ALL do. Instability of the global economy creates an inability for our markets to find the incredibly difficult to determine market prices of all that is important to our civilization. This affects us all in a negative way and basically mankind has only experience localized short periods of anything other than this instability.

This world needs something far more important than an ideal electronic cash, and it needs it more quickly.

I think this world needs an incorruptible standard with which each nation can agree on,and so I think now the block size debate is merged with the Greece Euro crisis.


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