The Difficulties of Creating and Maintaining an Effective Rake Standard

But of course, also, poker sites of a state cannot actually do anything of the form that can be called “rake targeting” without having some means for measuring rake. How would they do this? The means for measuring inflation that they would naturally use would be a “deposits raked” index relating to domestic transactions within the territory of the site.~Ideal Poker

There is some GTO strategy for poker in which if a player were to sit down at a table of players who each play a perfect GTO strategy the only possible outcomes could be for hero to break-even (excluding rake) or lose.

Conversely in any given “exploitable field” (ie not everyone players GTO), if hero sites down with a GTO strategy hero expects to gain in relation to the average exploitable-ness of the field.

At each stage in the evolution of the economy of poker, whether live or online, there has always existed some form of a profitability in relation to the average field. Since there is real life incentive attached to the game it also therefore stands to reason that with the continued discovery of a finite GTO strategy, generally the average has increased and will continue to increase, since its’ existence and over time.

This standard is discoverable in from two possible directions. Either the GTO solution can be brute force calculated by some form of intense computing or through “introspection” of the players that rise to become champions and/or teachers of the game.

The former has problems of ‘magnitude’: the amount of computing power to tackle such a difficult problem.

The latter has the difficultly of poker’s value measurement problem: It is very rare or impossible for a player to accurately know their true win-rate. As a result there are difficulties truly defining who is playing optimally (or what exactly they are doing optimally) because the markets aren’t really able to do their job.

Furthermore it might be that the best exploitative players (ie those that can exploit others “mistakes” the best) aren’t at all the most knowledgeable or best at understanding or explaining what is GTO (ie naturally talented players).

At the present time, or at least up until this present time it doesn’t seem that there is a viable way to find GTO. This highlights the difficulty in suggesting an effective rake standard which deals specifically with this sort of average profitability of a field.


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